Mode of transport

  • Direct delivery Hunggiapaints
    1. All the products are sold on Hunggiapaints and delivered to all customers across the country, right?
    Most products sold in Hunggiapaints allows sale and delivery to all customers nationwide. However, some customers outside the urban area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City to bear the cost of delivery.
    2. Hunggiapaints have any form of delivery?
    Apply with the suburban districts of Ho Chi Minh City and other city Province.
    Since these products contain flammable paint, in principle not be transported by air. Should customers outside the Ho Chi Minh City, Hunggiapaints have 2 forms of delivery:
    Shipping out "lemon": goods are transported by truck to cheap rates. However, the goods will arrive later than by bus. By weight "tons"
    Delivery to bus station: In principle, you do not receive goods vehicle paint. However, some guests still receive goods vehicles not painted, higher prices "right". Calculated under "Events".
    Delivery by "Express Carriers" in the service delivery to take place, however, is quite high.
    Apply with districts Inner City - Ho Chi Minh City:
    After you place an order successfully, the customer care team will conduct our verification call orders. If you've previously purchased, we will skip this verification.
    After successfully verified, your order will be delivered to you:
    Inner HCM City 1-2 working days
    Suburban 2-3 working days
    However, there are some cases where the delivery lasted more than 3 days, but only occurs in situations of force majeure following:
    Customers with multi-color blending put together;
    Staff Hunggiapaints contact you by telephone should not be unable to deliver.
    Shipping address you provide incorrect or hard to find.
    Hunggiapaintstang number of orders makes the delivery mutations increases with barely.
    Hunggiapaints import about making slower than expected delivery is delayed.
    3. Delivery fee is how much?

    Inner HCM city

    Ngoại thành TP. HCM, Hà Nội, Tỉnh thành khác


    Shipping Costs will be displayed when you set specific purchase orders.



    5. Can I get to the office directly Hunggiapaints when ordering via the website (or unreserved) not?


    When Hunggiapaints consignee to the office, for the convenience of guests, you Hunggiapaints note as follows (for all customers despite ordering it or not):
    • Please call 08 37202501 switchboard prior to receiving at least 15 minutes for staff to be attentive Hunggiapaints welcome. Depending on the status of the store merchandise, the operator will receive either snooze time for your convenience. In case you did not notice the switchboard, Hunggiapaints expect sympathy if there is negligence in preparing goods. Or wait. We are always trying to solve for the customer, however, due to the limited area of ​​the warehouse, the goods sometimes can not meet the requirements of all customers.
    • These orders were paid in cash or transfer prize or online payment (ATM, credit card, etc ...), Hunggiapaints will ship to the address you request. When you go to buy directly in the store, staff will reset Hunggiapaints new order, no intervention or treatment on the orders that you've paid.
    • Please check the products purchased in stores. Products purchased directly will not be paid if the change is not the fault of Hunggiapaints.

    6.  How do I track orders?


    You can go to see the orders were registered in Here, you will know the status of your order processing

    7. Why order status is "Completed" I still have not received the goods?


    Order status "Done" means all the items you order have been delivered or canceled because of one reason or another. You can click to view the line item. If the status line item is delivered, you should check to see if someone was receiving help you not (co-workers, family members, friends, neighbors, etc ...). If you still have not received the goods or do not understand why the product in canceled orders not delivered, please contact via hotline 08 37202501 Hunggiapaints for assistance.
    8. I have put many customers at the same time, all at the same time has been allocated?
    Hunggiapaints will try to collect all your orders for delivery at the same time. However, if the product does not have the goods, they will be separated Hunggiapaints to be able to deliver all products to you as soon as possible.
    9. What do I need to note when receiving goods from the delivery partner of hunggiapaints?
    Please check your receipt, sealing, goods are detailed as follows:
    Check delivery receipts and keep a receipt as proof venture for freight forwarding.
    Check sealing, packaging to ensure the goods are still in a state of seals, packaging intact.
    If you see seals, packaging signs ripped, torn, opened before it reaches you, please inform the contact telephone number on receipts (or packaging) or hotline for assistance 08 37,202,501
    Thoroughly inspect the goods including the number, type, color, etc ... and compare it with the orders you have placed.
    If there are problems with the goods, please contact contact phone number on receipts (or packaging) or hotline 08 37202501 for assistance.
    10. I wish to comment on the work of delivery
    Hunggiapaints thankful and encourage you to contribute ideas to help Hunggiapaints perfect to serve you better. Please send comments to address the