Binder for Solid Topcoat OTTO-100 (2:1)

Binder for Solid Topcoat OTTO-100 with 2 kinds: Slow-drying (2: 1) and Fast-drying (4: 1). This product can be suitable for mixing with the tinters color system OTTO or the others of 2K tinters system. The Basecoat tinter is solvent based coatings and is especially good for automotive refinish. It features high consistency for color matching. This fast air drying basecoat quality covers at low film thickness (10-20 μ), applies smoothly with perfect aluminum flake control in metallic’s. Can be used for spot, panel and overall repair. Suited for multi-tone striping and design work.

Code: OTTO-A100(2-1)/4L
Đơn vị tính: Lon - Nhập khẩu 100% từ Malaysia. / Unit: 100% Imported from Malaysia
  • Giá: 1,122,000 vnđ

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  • Our company has gained confidence in providing Acrylic Binder for our customers over 10 years. Acrylic Binder is produced from chemical compounds in order to synchronize with standard 2K paint system. Many various colors ensure high quality, durable finish. Our experienced experts have researched and produced Binder for Solid basecoat in two methods: Slow drying ̣2:1 or quick drying 4:1 depending on the condition of paint, in line customer requests.
    OTTO - 100 – Binder for Solid basecoat 2K

    Because of based colors using in the formula having:

    • Strong Colors.
    • Fewer plastic components

    Need more OTTO - 100 in the formula OTTO - 100 supply:

    • Full gloss finish when clearcoated
    • High solid content
    • Smooth
    • High durable finish

    OTTO - 100 are added in solid color: The tinter: 30%; Additives 70%. Increasing the coverage, the techniques can add color OTTO - 100 to more gloss of less gloss.                                            

    These products are only used for car paint. Consult Safety Data Sheet prior to use.



    • This is 2K paints refinish for Solid Color.
    • Durable finishin any conditions.
    • Perfect Gloss from spray.
    • Repainted with the same product or other ones.
    • Treated (hardener) with Isocyanate.
    • Solid color mixed from machine.


    • Using for patching and repainting tourism and trade car.


    • The steel, aluminum and fiberglass (GRP) are primed.
    • The finish paints are in the good condition.                         

    SURFACE:                    High gloss.

    FLASH POINT:                     Under 23oC

    COLOR:                        Multicolor effects, refer more color fan.

    SAND:                          Completely dried film, use P1500 sand paper, wet sand to remove any dirt; follow by Cutting                                       Polish.

    SURFACE PREPARATION:  Clean surface with water and soap. Rinse and dry. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. 

    SPRAYING EQUIPMENT:  Gun  Nozzle, Spray Pressure 45-55psi (3.2-3.9 bar).

    THINNER:                            2K OTTO-7007

    HARDENER:                       OTTO-3750H

                                                    Solid Basecoat:         OTTO-3750H:                        2K OTTO-7007

    VOLUME MIXING RATIO:              2 Parts                     1 Part                                   5 - 20%

    SPRAYING VISCOSITY:      DIN cup 4  at 24 – 26 seconds.

    SPRAYING TECHNIQUE:    Spray 1 single coat (not too wet), flash off 5 to 10 minutes. Then spray 1 single wet coat.                                  

    COVERAGE:      About 5m2/ 1L  -   Film thickness 50 microns (um).


    • Eye And Skin Protection        :  Safety glasses, uniform, apron, glove (neoprene or nitril rubber are recommended)
    • Respiratory Protection            :  Not required if adequate ventilation exist. If the airborne concerrntration exceeds exposure limit, use adequate respiratory protection such as approved artridge respirator for organic vapour. ( gas only)
    • Consult Safety Data Sheet OTTO Refinish prior to use.

    INHALATION: Remove the victim to fresh air area. If rapid recovery does not occur, perform artificial respiration and obtain medical attention.

    INGESTION: If the patient conscious, give plenty of water to drink. Do not  induce vomiting. If rapid recovery does not occur, obtain medical attention.

    SKIN CONTACT: Remove contaminated clothing. Wash skin immediately with plenty of water and soap. If persistent irritation occurs, obtain medical attention.

    EYE CONTACT: Immediately flush the eye with running water for at least 15 minutes. If persistent irritation occurs, obtain medical attention.

    OTHER INFORMATION: The information is accurate to our best knowledge and is given in good faith but without warranty. It remains the user’s own responsibility to make sure that the information is appropriate and complete for his special use of this product.

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