Otto Brand

OTTO brand meaning taken from the mighty Empire Otto Man of ancient Rome, for Vietnam market, Otto read that rhyme similar to Paint Cars. With cars like the logo stripes varied significantly raised the color, black background make up senior positions and elegance of the product.


    Otto Refinish - Following the success of the brand frontrunner, 4 years later in 2009, we continue to offer branded product line Otto into the market to fill the gap segment luxury car paint, beautiful color, but reasonable price needs to paint repairs, mending and car insurance, and the economic models.

    At first, the company won fairly limited budget for marketing jobs, investment in equipment, marketing, expanding sales team. Companies implementing product marketing strategy, gradually enter the market, focusing all the resources, implementation of selective distribution, slow but highly effective. Are new products for consumers, but in the long term with the staff of the existing business, the Company uses direct touted strategy, bringing information to the right customer, higher efficiency than.

    Currently, the Company has not established departments or separate parts that only Marketing Sales assume all roles for marketing activities, this is a significant problem for the company in entering the premium segment.

    The plan for 2016, the company will promote segments Garage, workshop, installation work towards staging computer maker paint on the entire territory of Vietnam. The majority of customers are Workshop and Garage is developing very rapidly and in large numbers, the market spread all over the country, a segment of potential untapped.

    Competitor's product line Otto is the global brand: Dupont, PPG, Nexa, Sikken, RM, SW, ... But in terms of cost and effectiveness of the system: PPG_ACS, Dupont_Duxon , Sikken_Lesonal, Kansai, Nippon, Evercoat, HIPIC, Starmax, new .. is a direct competitor. But Otto has strengths than the direct competitor of the system full-color recipe system as Dupont, updated continuously and easily identify the original color. Besides, Otto also systematic formula Fan original color and color throughout Candy dedicated to motorcycles, motorcycle.